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Cygnature is an advanced signing platform that securely authenticates signers, offers multiple signature types and protects the signed document from tampering. 

The Solution

W H A T  I S  C Y G N A T U R E?


Cygnature is a an intuitive, easy-to-use digital signing solution that enables signing contracts, invoices, work order, approvals and almost any paperwork in minutes.  Blockchain enablement in the solution maintains highest standards in security and authentication. Cygnature enables self-signing, in-person signing, or remote signing. Cygnature also has customizable smart APIs to seamlessly integrate with preferred email, cloud storage and business apps.  


Choice of Authentication Types


Depending on the sensitivity of the contract, you can choose the type and combination of signatures like electronic, digital or biometric

Protected By Blockchain

Cygnature uses blockchain and advanced cryptography to safeguard the signed documents from fraud and tampering.

Irrefutable Evidence of Signing

Cygnature captures multiple data as proof of signing such as device type, browser, IP address, latitude/longitude and timestamp

Our Features


Electronic, digital and biometric signatures


Supports multiple file formats - pdf, doc, ppt, xls


Multiple ways to authenticate signers​


Contact Management with unlimited contacts


LIVE Cygnature as if signing in-person


Document tracking with audit trail


Supports parallel and sequential signing flows


Advanced signing options including due dates


Signer's Calendar with reminders

Our Features

Safeguards Document Integrity

Cygnature ensures that that the copy of a document has the exact same content as the one which was uploaded by the signer.

Ensures Non-repudiation

Cygnature does not allow someone to to deny that they created/changed the document, as each step is recorded in the blockchain.

Provides Certificate of Signing

Cygnature captures IP address, browser, device, latitude  & longitude of the signer during signing process which is then timestamped

Start Using E-Signature


Authenticate Signers

In multiple ways like OTP, fingerprint, IRIS, National ID, face recognition and more.


Sign Documents

Using electronic signatures, hardware or software token and/or biometrics


Protect Signed Documents

Using the power of blockchain and some advanced cryptography

Eliminate Frauds and digitize your documents

Sign your documents with Cygnature. Try it free for 30 days.

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