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Library Solutions

Our Services

Profitech focus on a variety of business activities such as:  


  • Digital Library Management System. 

  • Security System : RFID  

  • Education Furniture. 

  • Arabic E-Resources. 

  • UNO Discovery. 

  • Cataloging Services.   

  • Assertive Disabled Technology. 


Our Mission

  • To build consistent business relationships and high level of reputation among all of our Customers.   

  • To encourage innovation and new ideas with new business approaches to keep a competitive edge. 

  • To become one of the most reliable, stable and trusted Supplier in the market so all of our clients  can completely rely on us on all aspects of their business requirements.  

  • To consider and cater to potential wider market requirements.  


Our solution


Maintain your relevance

Manually checking-out, checking-in and reshelving books is time-consuming and costly. Library staff lose valuable time which could be better spent helping their customers. Many libraries face both time-management issues and financial pressure and that at a time where 20% of the world's population is illiterate. Profitech's library solutions helps libraries to maintain their relevance in the current age of information.


Reduce your costs

We are the only company in the world that develops and produces RFID technology specifically designed for libraries. Our efficient and innovative solutions help you:

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks

  • Reduce costs

  • Improve customer service levels

  • Increase turnaround time


Use RFID for libraries

We offer easy, robust and beautiful RFID systems for libraries. We offer RFID technology for libraries that is easy to install and manage for even the smallest libraries, but advanced and efficient for even the biggest libraries. Have a look at:

  • RFID - Item Detection for libraries

  • RFID - Check-in for libraries

  • RFID - Check-out for libraries

  • RFID -  Inventory management for libraries

  • RFID - Software for libraries


We use the number ONE library open source software

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