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Electronic Shelf Labels

Profitech's smart Electronic Shelf Label system connects offline with online retail and makes the Omni-channel retail become real. ESL increases the sales and decreases the cost.

Overview: Electronic Shelf Labels

What is ESL (Electronic Shelf Label)?

ESL system is used by retailers for displaying all kinds of product to present pricing information on shelves. Moreover, ESL transmits product information updated in central server using low power RF technology through Gateways to thousands of each ESL.

Why ESL?

We offer retailers “user friendly” management platform, so that our customers can wirelessly update content easily and flexibly without printing conventional paper tags or to deploy multiple employees.

Retailers can market promotional pricing that can attract customers with more dynamic pricing display. Ultimately, it will enable superior customer traffic to amplify retailer’s business to the next level.

ESL Benefits
ESL Benefits
Profitech Electronic Shelf Labels

Save Time & Money

 - Managing price changes electronically

 - Human error removed from the equation

 - Elimination of printing

Profitech Electronic Shelf Labels

Shopper Experience

 - Near Field Communication (NFC)

 - Enable QR Code for digital shopping

Profitech Electronic Shelf Labels

Flexible and Efficient

 - Automated price change

 - Instant promotions at any time of the day

Profitech Electronic Shelf Labels

Accurate and Reliable

 - Near Field Communication (NFC)

 - Enable QR Code for digital shopping

How it works

How it works

Profitech Electronic Shelf Labels



Server data co-works in between POS System & ESL Client Software

ESL Client


Retailers are able to control ESL system(Tag status, Product Information, Display Template etc.)through ESL Client



To display product information, Tags communicate with Gateway.
Screen Display Function : Product Info, Event, Color, Barcode, Price, Image

Access Point


Access point distributes the signal to the ESL tags and also acknowledges their status such as Power, Error, Network and so on.

Real-time price update 

Price update is simply done  by the back-office system

online and offline prices are automatically synchronized

Price Synchronization
Information synchronization
Better shelf management 

Better execution in shelf management and easier evaluation on working processes

Paperless operation
Visualized planogram in the system

Improve working efficiency  and lower the operational costs

online and offline product information is also synchronized automatically

Online / offline information Synchronization

Better execution in shelf management and easier evaluation on working processes

Automatic update on stock status

By using PDA, the stock management system contains functions like replenishment, receiving, rTV-physical counting, picking & delivery management

Customer buying behavior analysis

Collecting customer buying behavior through APP / POS / ISL / Qr code / CrM

Customized Qr codes 

Improve working efficiency  and lower the operational costs

Targeted marketing
Route guidance 

The system provides the best  route for store staff to find  the target item

Picking indicator 

The LED indicator on labels highlights the target item  to be picked up

The customer behavior analysis enables retailers to conduct more effective marketing activities towards the right target groups

ESL Solution

Price Management
Shelf Management
Stock Management
Precision Marketing
Order Picking
Label Types

Types of Labels

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