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Stellar XXXL: High definition pictures in black & white for an efficient communication impact. It allows to display an XXXL price, QR code, barcode, and contents at the same time.



  • 7.5” graphic E-ink display: Perfect readability in all environments thanks to E-ink graphic displays

  • High definition and precise in displaying every detail, even small pictures, barcode, QR code

  • Boosted readability: more than 170° viewing angle

  • ID barcode positioning on the front side for easy and quick binding operations

  • Easy battery replacement without losing initialization

  • 2Mbi memory for managing and recalling 200 information fields

  • System acknowledge: full bi-directional interactive

  • Perfectcompatibilitywiththewholeblocksìfixing solution range and bsystem communication tools

Stellar XXXL

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