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Series: Skyline

Model: Skyline S

Size (mm*mm*mm): 48*35*12.9

Weight (g): 24

Case Color: Elegant White

Display Size: 1.73

Segment: Maximum 160 Segments

Display: LCD HTN secreen including black, white, red, and yellow

LED Light: Three Color LED with RGB supported

Battery Life: 5 years ( 4 Updates per day)

Battery Spec: 1*CR2450 (1*550mAh)

Changeable Battery: Battery Pack

Working Temperature: 0 - 40 Degree Celsius

Storage Temperature: 0 - 40 Degree Celsius

Working Frequency: 2400 MHz-2483.5MHz

Transmission Speed: Up to 30,000 Labels per hour

Skyline S

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