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Dubai Restaurant Chain now has access to valuable analytics to boost customer engagement

Safadi Restaurants across the UAE can now capture detailed demographic and behavioral data about restaurant visitors following the installation of Profitech's Guest WiFi and Analytics solution.

Safadi Restaurants owns one of the best Lebanese restaurant in the UAE and is now offering complimentary high-speed wifi to restaurant visitors enabling them to stay online while they dine. As a result diners can 'check-in' on social media, surf the web, and geo-tag pictures of Safadi's delicious food and the good times spent with friends over a delicious meal. Whilst clients enjoy the free WiFi offering, each restaurant not only increases its social media visibility, but is also able to collect highly valuable information about network users, including their name, age, restaurants visited, profession and even the frequency of their visits; all of which can be used to improve communications, drive loyalty, target groups of clients or scope out new opportunities.

The data captured by the Profitech Guest Wifi platform will be used by the restaurant chain to make all sorts of strategic business decisions such as which promotions to run or where new restaurants could be opened as well as being used to improve customer communications, drive frequency of visits and increase average spend per visit.

Information about interests, age and gender prove particularly useful when considering seasonal menus, what events could be hosted on-site or when developing segmented marketing campaigns for specific audiences. With a wealth of analytics at their disposal, Safadi Restaurants gain comprehensive awareness of their existing client base and future target markets and can send personalized, relevant communications to food lovers. Get in touch with Profitech today to help your customers Stay Online While They Dine!

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