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Electronic shelf edge labelling: Etisalat UAE - POC


Etisalat is testing our electronic shelf labels. This week it launched a three-month trial of electronic shelf labels, at a store in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE.

The Mall of the Emirates Etisalat project is using 100 2.7-inch E-paper labels on promotional ends at the store, to promote products including phone accessories and speakers.

“The trial is looking at ways to make the shopping experience more engaging,” said a Etisalat spokesmen.

Profitech MD Elio Berberi said: “Our video shelf-edge labels encourage customers to stop at the shelf and help them to make purchasing decisions by displaying helpful information, product reviews (NFC), live promotions. This leads to a better in-store experience and increased sales.

"We look forward to announcing further new installations shortly.”

New shelf-edge technology is also primed to tackle the thorny issue of transparency on promotions and enable retailers to quickly introduce price changes as electronic stores go head to head in an everyday low pricing battle.


Profitech marketing director said the “new generation” of electronic shelf label technology could have huge advantages for shoppers and retailers. “With ESLs it’s also easier to react to competitors’ offers,” he said. “Retailers want to earn consumer trust - that means ensuring prices align across channels.

It was only a few months ago that retailers were criticised for not ensuring that prices at the checkout matched those on shelves.

For more information about Electronic Shelf Labels - Click here


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