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Profitech expands its remit with Organic Foods and Café, to cover all their stores with ESL

Profitech has expanded its remit with Organic Foods and Café, to now enroll electronic shelf labels across the United Arab Emirates. This follows its original agreement to only service the Sheikh Zayed store as a standalone in 2016.

The new agreement comes after Organic Foods and Café achieved a 25% increase in efficiency, due to a reduction in time spent on relabelling, as new prices/product details could be amended via digital tools from the company’s HQ, rather than in store.

Commenting on the efficiencies of the labels and their sustainable benefits, Elio Berberi from Profitech said: “With the use of the electronic labels, all prices can now be updated in one go - giving employees more time for sales and customer service, whilst also keeping paper consumption to a minimum. It’s a simple technology tool that makes a vast difference to profitability, and also supports sustainability goals of the business.”

To support efficiencies further, Profitech has also introduced a new feature that uses an LED light to alert employees of "Out of Stock" products and "Expiration Dates."


Profitech provides the latest solutions in IT technology in order to help clients reach their full potential.

This includes a comprehensive range of products that can increase sales whilst decreasing costs and overheads. Profitech is able to customize our solutions to meet clients’ needs and preferences, whilst the dedicated team of engineers are available for round the clock support.

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