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Profitech Installs the First Smart Store in Lebanon

Hage superstore has deployed changeable LCD Electronic Shelf Labels.

It has installed digital pricing displays in its Jbeil, Lebanon store and it has proven successful for staff, the tech team at the supermarket chain will look to roll it out to other branches in the Lebanon.

Each display unit can be programmed by trained staff members, who can assign the labels to products. Prices and offers are then automatically updated using pricing data from centralised systems. This would become an even more efficient way to update prices nationally the more stores that feature the technology.

The units are also protected against cold temperatures so are suitable for fridge and freezer displays too.

The background of each display can also be changed in color to represent different offers or product type.

"A key part of our strategy is to make sure we’re looking at new technology on behalf of our colleagues to make their lives easier," said , General Manager at Hage Superstore.

Profitech provides the latest solutions in retail technology in order to help our clients reach their full potential.

Profitech offers a comprehensive range of products that can increase sales and in-store experience whilst decreasing costs and overheads. We are able to customize our solutions to meet our clients needs and preferences whilst our dedicated team of engineers are available for round the clock support.

Hage Superstore


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